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Look for the AutoQuip Sticker

If you live in our NY metro service area, look around. Chances are the lifts at your car dealership, in your municipal garage, at your local service station, and in your neighbor’s garage carry the AutoQuip sticker. We’ve sold and installed thousands of lifts in our first 35 years, and continue to inspect, service and repair them today.

Lift Professionals and Car Guys

We’re the Lift Professionals! We think and breathe lifts. That is, when we’re not thinking about the classic cars we collect, store and service on the lifts in our own home garages. Like you, we’re also car guys. We’ve got the trophies to prove it.

Best Price, Most Safety

And like most car guys, we care about price. But if you’re looking for a cheap import lift, give us a pass. We’re still in business after 35 years because we put safety, reliability and performance first. That’s why we recommend lifts from Mohawk Lifts, Quality Lifts and other ALI-certified brands from USA-based companies.

We Don’t Just Sell Lifts

We’re your 1-stop, turn-key source for buying, installing and servicing car lifts for your home shop or garage. We’re all lifts, all the time. You can EMAIL US or call us (516-248-1277) to get a quote — or just to talk lifts. We’re the Lift Professionals!

What’s up in home garages and shops all over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut? AutoQuip home auto lifts are up!