Home Lift FAQs

Below you’ll find generalized answers to some common questions. To get the appropriate answers for your particular situation, please EMAIL US or call us at 516-248-1277. We’ll be happy to set up a free, no-obligation lift survey for your home shop or garage.

Frequently Asked Questions1. What style lift do you recommend for my home garage?

The most versatile style for residential use is the 4-post lift. It is useful for both storage and service. Four-post lifts compared to 2-post, handle heavier loads and need less vertical clearance. If you plan to do wheel service, you’ll also want accessory jacks to lift the wheels off the runway.

2. Do I need to bolt a 4-post lift to the floor?

Most 4-post lifts are self-supported, not bolted. In fact, most can be mobile with optional accessory casters. This can be handy if you like to work outside in good weather.

3. How thick should my concrete floor be to support my auto lift?

The thickness varies, of course, with the style and weight of the lift and the weight of the vehicle(s). You’ll need at least 4” thick concrete and 3,000 PSI compression strength. We prefer 4,000 PSI.

4. What ceiling height do I need for a 4-post lift?

That varies with the lift, the vehicles or storage items, and what’s in the way. To get enough clearance, you may have to raise the garage door tracks, change to a jackshaft opener, or even change the door.

As a rough rule of thumb, add the heights of the vehicles (or vehicle and storage) and about 6-12″ for the lift. For a pair of Vettes, a 9.5 ft ceiling usually works. For a pair of modern sedans, you’ll need 10.5-11 ft.

5. I don’t think my garage is big enough. Can you install the lift outside?

In general, no. Lifts are not designed to be exposed to the elements, and they must be installed and used on concrete, not asphalt or packed earth.

6. Can I power my lift from a standard household outlet?

Many 4-post lifts rated for 7000-9000 lb capacity run on 110/120 volts and draw around 5 amps. A household outlet on an otherwise unloaded circuit can provide 20 amps. Higher capacity lifts usually have 220 volt motors.

7. Can I store my golf cart on my 4-post auto lift?

A. Yes. You’ll need the optional storage or solid floor tray that fits between the runways. That would let you store a golf cart, ATV, motorcycle, bicycle, furniture, a jet ski or a lawn mower.

8. I plan to do a lot of maintenance and work on my vehicles. I think I’d prefer a 2-post lift. Can I use that to store a vehicle, too?

Some enthusiasts tell us they use their 2-post lift that way. But manufacturers don’t recommend it. Two-post lifts are service lifts, designed for maintenance and repair. They need better footing than 4-post, and are always bolted in place. They need a lot more headroom, so most don’t fit in the average residential garage. And it’s difficult to protect the parked vehicle from fluid leaking from the vehicle above.

9. Can I install the lift myself?

Maybe. But automotive lifts are not shipped as do-it-yourself kits.

The manufacturer expects you to use a factory-trained installer. He’ll be reluctant to honor the warranty if you don’t. Your insurance company shares the manufacturer’s expectations. Try collecting for damage caused by a lift you installed.

A self-installed lift is self-warranteed and self-insured. Do you want to stand under it?

10. If I order a lift today, when can I get it installed?

From order to installation takes anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, on average. The time for your lift will depend on several things. The main factors are inventory, shipping if necessary, installation backlog, and site preparation. Sometimes we can install a lift within a few days of getting your order. Sometime it takes a month or longer.

11. Who do I call for service and repairs?

AutoQuip is a 1-stop shop for home auto lifts. Call us for sales and installation, of course. But we’re here, too, for service, parts, and repairs. We also offer annual inspections, and can provide on-site training for you and your family. Call 516-248-1277 or EMAIL US for an appointment.